Bag-in-box (BIB) biobased

Bag in box packaging out of bioplastics

Bio-based packaging for foodstuffs and chemicals that do not require an UN-approval

Available in sizes ranging from 1 - 30 litre

All our Bag-in-Boxes are fitted with neck size 31mm

- For more than 80% biobased

- Basic raw material: sugar cane -> Bio-PE (brand name: 'Green PE')

- Environmental benefit: strong reduction of environmental impact during production process and transport

- Properties of biopolyethylene are identical to those of conventional polyethylene

- Recyclable in the same recycling chain used by traditional polyethylene

- Foldable: less use of space, lower storage and shipping costs (CO²-reduction)

- Perfectly stackable after filling

- Complete personalised packaging possible, ask about the possibilities!